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Industrial Designs

Particularities of Design Registration Procedure in Israel

Designs in Israel are subjected to substantive examination procedure, including prior art search.
Industrial Design 
applications are typically granted within 1 to 1.5 years.
According to Israeli Design Ordinance, the prosecution of an application shall complete within 12 months from the first examination report issued by the Office.

The novelty required according to Israeli Design Ordinance is local, namely if the design has been sold or otherwise exposed abroad, it is still legitimate for registration in Israel.
Hence the fact the design was used, exhibited or sold abroad does not render the design as non-novel in Israel, for the purposes of design registration.

Nevertheless, according to circular MN69, a design published on the internet, for instance in a design gazette of a foreign patent office, is easily accessible in Israel and thus should be considered as obviating the novelty of the design in Israel, although the publication has actually taken place abroad.


The costs of obtaining a design registration in Israel are relatively modest. For more information regarding Professional and Official fees, please refer to our Fee Schedule at: