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Business Strategies


The Objectives of Intellectual Property

One should always remember that Intellectual Property itself is never an objective but rather merely a means for achieving an objective.   


Below is a list of various objectives which Intellectual Property assets, like patents designs and trademarks, may assist to achieve. 


1.To maximize the value estimation of a corporate in accountancy reports  

2.Generating income by out-licensing or producing revenue by selling the assets 

3.To serve as potential promise for investors or strategic partners, for rising an investment, activity funding or engaging in beneficial cooperation

4.Promoting an acquisition by or merger with a competing party 

5.Acting towards realizing intellectual property rights by requesting an injunction or applying to  customs authorities (for trademarks and copyrights), in critical timing for your competitor, thereby thwarting  a crucial  activity of the competitor or forcing a sale of license   

6.Avoiding from participation in a tenor for supply of goods or services to a governmental agency or institutional entity 

7.Enforcing your intellectual property rights by obtaining a permanent injunction or even merely fretting by such injunction by sending cease and desist letters, thereby establishing an actual monopoly on the market

8.Obtaining damages award from court in infringement suit or forcing a settlement agreement on favorable terms as well as selling intellectual property rights to non-practicing entities, also known as “trolls” 

9.Increasing your monetary credit or serving as a collateral in obtaining a loan, by mortgaging your intellectual property rights  

10.Acquiring access to intellectual property of others via cross-licensing