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Our services help clients to protect and realize the value of their intellectual property assets ranging from patents, trademarks and designs to trade secrets - in both traditional and digital forms. 


We are proud to represent clientele ranging from colossal corporations and large entities to emerging companies or individual inventors and owners of creative works.


Practicing IP law worldwide, our ability to provide efficient and integrated IP counseling and protection services is equally established as in Israel, United States, Europe as well in many other countries, through a reputable network of well-tuned relations with some of the preeminent IP practitioners abroad.


Office services are maintained on well-established direct electronic communication channels with the Patent Offices at the most important countries. Particular hardware and software are implemented, enabling to transmit documents securely and instantly to USPTO, EPO, OHIM, UKIPO, WIPO and an array of other Patent Offices at the most important countries.

Office activities are paperless with a specialization in execution of variety of patent and IP related tasks on-line and in real time regime, communicating with the most important Patent Offices directly, without involving an associate; these advances benefit clients in:

Saving the associate fees involved with actions abroad

Providing clients with filing receipts on the following day

Performing immediate actions

Scope of Industry Experience and Knowledge

We help to protect the IP interests of clients in such fields as:

Agronomy • AgrochemistryArts and Entertainment Biotechnology Biochemistry • Business methods Chemistry  Communications • Computer Systems and Services • Computer Software Construction E-commerce Education  Electronics Fashion and Design • Environmental Finance Food and Beverages Franchising Gifts and Collectibles Healthcare • Manufacturing Medicine Medical Devices Music Pharmaceuticals Photography • Photofinishing  Printing Publishing Science and Technology Research Textile Travel Toys • Water Treatment

Clients are assisted to:

Prepare and process their IP applications to secure strong competitive positions


Manage their innovation processes and incentive programs to support business strategy


Manage their IP portfolios for strategic value through:

- Build up strong IP rights on technologically superior or commercially valuable inventions

- Weed out of low value IP rights


Aggressively monitoring and defend against infringements, interferences and double patenting


Assistance is also provided to clients in managing product and process innovation, for example through development of R&D systems and programs, agreements to help protect the ownership of inventions and discoveries, and monitoring of competitors’ IP activities.



Commercialization Activities

Being an inventor and entrepreneur himself, Andrey Vapniarsky is aimed at assisting clients in commercialization of their technology and in enterprise of technology driven start-up companies.


At the time of rapid growth of many Israeli High-Tech companies, on many occasions initiated and managed by driven individuals having mainly technological background, there is an unfulfilled need for commercial and business guidance for those newly established entities.


Commercialization services are the business-oriented arm of the IP Office and are responsible for recognizing and managing the intellectual property assets for technology transfer. Commercialization Activities range across the spectrum of contemporary science and designed for the marketing and commercialization of new developments emerging from the IP law activities.


Commercialization Activities include:

• Evaluating projects, inventions and other intangible assets

• Establishing investors' relations - assistance in composition of an effectual and successful business plan

• Developing licensing strategies and negotiating licensing agreements

• Finding strategic partners and coordinating joint R&D between inventors and industrial partners

• Assisting and supporting inventors who wish to establish companies to develop and manufacture products based on their invention

• Acquisition of IP through in-licensing and cross-licensing

• Extracting the IP value by out-licensing



Technology Transfer Services

Different inventions require different approaches and strategies of commercialization. For example, establishing start-up entities and incubator companies vis-a-vis licensing out IP rights. As part of the commercialization process the assortment of available services includes: patent applications and enforcement, legal advice, negotiation of agreements, business development and creating marketing materials.


Securing competitive position by means of patents is the first and most essential step in the process of transforming a know-how exploration project into a commercial one.


The commercialization can be executed in a variety of forms, e.g. a new company, a joint venture, conducting collaborative R&D with strategic partners or licensing out the technology.


Technology Transfer Services frequently involve consulting with experts and attorneys while structuring the preferred commercialization and taxation strategy.